Juicing And Weight Loss

Our skin and body reflects what we eat and drink. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables helps us in getting clearer, healthier, and younger-looking skin and a body with increased strength.

What Is Juicing

Juicing extracts the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables making them more accessible for the body to digest.

By squeezing fresh juices you may get completely new, varied possibilities to supply your body with all important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and antioxidants because juicing allows you to easily take in these important nutrients in your everyday life.

In addition, you could quickly supply your body with more power. The plant substances could therefore be absorbed faster and better by the body and optimally develop their effectiveness.

For me, this feels like a nice way to clear my body for the remaining meals of the day as I usually consume my juices in the morning.

Juicing And Weight Loss

Juicing could also be considered as the most simple, healthy and effective way to give your body a break from all the processed foods and kick-start your weight-loss and health journey. Juices could often be used as functional ingredients and to actually benefit people to lose weight.

I might have heard a lot of questions revolving around the myth that juicing takes too much of their time. I personally do not think that juicing consumes an ample amount of time. In fact, it can be much less time consuming than cooking and the ways we “regularly” obtain, prepare and consume food.

I have suffered with the problem of gaining weight at irregular time periods in my life and juicing could have been much less time consuming than so many moments of my life I previously might have given and wasted over to the exhausting touch points of navigating conventional medicine for weight loss.

Effects Of Juicing On Human Body

Juicing could be done to bring the body back to its natural state by removing health-compromising processed substances and might help the body to work at its full potential.

Juices may be a healthy way to flush out toxins and burn all bad fat from the body. They might be generally used in cleansing and detoxifying.

Juicing could be a nourishing, energizing, and hydrating way to start the day. You could consume juices to lose calories without causing harm to your body. Before attempting to make a diet program, check the nutritional properties of the juices you might consume.

They might easily deliver electric, structured living water and dense nutrients to the body.

The liquid fuel may be easily absorbed by the digestive system allowing the gut to rest while nourishing the cells and flushing out waste/stuck particles from the colon.

Greens could indeed be an important source of electrolytes, which could also potentially enhance athletic endurance and effectiveness of your body.

Freshly squeezed juices could also have an anti-inflammatory effect, which in turn has a positive effect on the entire body-function and helps to alleviate allergies and inflammation.

This might also hugely impact the weight too as it might be used as a widespread weight-loss method throughout the globe due to its several benefits.


Benefits With Juicing

  1. I have opted to juicing wherever I feel bloated or suffered from skin problems, headaches, and troubled digestion. This in turn could have also helped me in improving digestion and stamina.
  2. I have always found juicing as one of the easiest and most delicious ways of including greens in my diet which I would otherwise skip due to lack of time to prepare them.
  3. Juicing may also have helped me in calming down my central nervous system and thus, my body might not feel too reactive to outside stressors.
  4. When done correctly, juicing for weight reduction might be a great alternative if you wish to lose weight. It could really assist you in losing weight in a better and healthier way. You could consume juices to lose calories without causing harm to your body. Before attempting to make a diet program, check the nutritional properties of the juices you might consume.
  5. Juicing might provide you with immediate energy and helps to ensure that you could become satiated.
  6. Some benefits of juicing I have found over the years might be, improved gut health, reduction of inflammation, strengthened immune system, hydrated skin and boosted energy levels.
  7. I like making easy juices ahead of time and storing them in my fridge. It is my way of not feeling overwhelmed everytime I want a juice or a smoothie and have to decide between what types of fruits and vegetables to use.

Risks With Juicing

It could be said that juices have a little benefit over a lot of health disadvantages.

The only point to all these benefits might be that going strictly on a juice diet might temporarily give all the above benefits but could also harm the body in certain other different ways.

  1. Some people might mistake juice fast and juice diet with the difference being one refrains from eating any solid foods and completely relying on the juices, which certainly could be harmful for the body and might decrease the body weight in a negative manner.
  2. I personally felt that going exclusively on a juice diet increases hunger as they might be caloric deficit and lack many important vitamins and proteins which might lead to eating more because of hunger and hence increase weight rather than decrease it.
  3. For me, it was always a good idea to add on the juices with my regular diet so that I feel fuller and satiated and also at the same time consume all the necessary proteins and fibers which have been lost during the juicing process. This might have helped me in weight loss and at the same time gave my body all the necessary and required nutrients that it needed to function.
  4. Contrary to the common belief that the body could need detoxifying every few days and juicing may help with that, your body might not always necessitate a special way of eating to detox. Your liver might have been doing an ideal job of eliminating toxins from your system. Generally, its objective is to detoxify the things you eat, breathe, and otherwise consume. Maintaining your liver functioning and healthy might be the ideal way to detoxify your body.
  5. While juices could be substantial in some nutrients, drinking only juice might not really be a healthy or resilient way of losing weight because you could be damaging your body by keeping it away from all the nutrients and energy that solid food would otherwise provide in ample amounts.
  6. Especially when it comes to the store bought juices, they could be harming the body in whole other different ways. These might be high in sugar content and preservatives which would increase the chances of gaining weight while increasing cholesterol levels.

Does Juicing Help You Lose Weight?

Juicing might not always be the ultimate solution to weight loss problems.

As we discussed the benefits and risks of juicing, we could form an interpretation that juicing could help in weight loss but not for very long as the body would need the energy if it is devoid of proper vitamins, nutrients and proteins.

Although, while juicing, I might also have realized another important factor that smoothies could be a better alternative to juices as smoothies retain all the fibers and proteins of the ingredients used in them while juices certainly leave out the fibers and some vitamins in the process of juicing and including them with juicing could help in weight loss if done in the right way with proper vegetables and fruits.

I have also realized that juicing low-glycemic vegetables like celery, cabbage, kale, and spinach would not elevate blood sugar and would therefore be more helpful to weight loss.


It could therefore be challenging to make radical changes in your lean body mass levels in a matter of a few days, weeks or even months, hence, that is why so many people might gain the weight back as fairly shortly as they resume eating.

Thus, whereas the detox or juice cleanse or juicing might be a short term weight reduction remedy or even have a potential to revitalize a weight reduction diet, the outcomes would be brief unless you gain knowledge on how to cut or add calories in a healthy manner for your weight loss journey.

When fruits and vegetables help save your life and make you feel ultimate vitality, naturally you are going to be pretty much into the whole juicing process.

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