January 31, 2014

John 6:1-15

How many times does Christ make himself known to us, and we still doubt? Jesus’ ministry was well underway when he fed the five thousand. Scripture says that the people had been following him, and witnessed what he had been doing, disciples included. Jesus asked Philip how the five thousand would eat, and the response was not what was hoped for: human action, not Godly action.

Had not Philip seen the healings and miracles; had he not been a firsthand witness to Jesus’ works? Yes, and just like Philip, we get wrapped up in what is happening around us, and we lose sight of what Christ has already done. If Jesus had been performing miracles, and healing people, would not multiplying bread and fish be a simple matter?

I often think of the boy’s bag lunch that fed the five thousand. He did not know that day that his simple meal would be a feast for thousands. So, just like the boy, we need to simply bring what we have to the Lord, and he will do the rest. Scripture says there were twelve baskets of leftover food. Amazing. With God, just a little goes a long way.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we bring before you our gifts, that they may be multiplied for your service. Amen.

Today’s devotion was written by Seminarian Joshua Morgan,
Vicar at Mayer Memorial Lutheran Church in Newberry, SC.

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